Questions and Feedback

Q: How quickly will I get my profile card?

A: Allow between 5-10 business days, keep in mind each card is rendered by a graphic designer to deliver excellence.

Q: Do I get a tracking number?

A: Yes, all our cards are delivered with tracking numbers so you know when it will arrive.

Q: How is my image rendered?

A: Once you have ordered your card and supplied us your details including your picture, our Inkle designers will carefully cut your head shot out and render it onto your chosen profile card.

Q: What is my card made from?

A: All Inkle profile cards are made from a harden 3mm PVS plastic.  This delivers a durable card that will stand delivery and also be long lasting on your wall.

Q: How can I hang up my card?

A: We recommend that you use blutac so that you can move it around.

Q: What if I want to give my graduate card as a gift or any other card?

A: We love that! For the shipping details put your address if you want to give it personally or if you want them to be surprised we can say it from you.  Just send us a message in the instructions area  .

Q: What if the design I want is not there?

A: Inkle will be developing new design in the future, send us any idea you have by filling in the contact form below and give us any other feedback you have.